Head grows. Rise / Crece la cabeza. Subir


Head grows. Rise / Crece la cabeza. Subir*

Sculpture, drawing and action – L21 Gallery, Madrid 2014


* Head grows. Rise is based on poetic texts by the Portuguese writer Helberto Helder. 


Head grows. Rise  began with the removal of the front door of The Window that the artist turned into a space for an exercise in reflection and programming for a period of 43 days, and with an action in Doctor Fourquet Street in Madrid performed between one and four o'clock in the morning of the first day.


This action made use of a parked car, filling the space between the bottom of the car and the street with a mixture of sand and vegetable oil.

The four car wheels were deflated so that the car body rested on this material. Afterwards, inside the car, Rodríguez-Méndez attempted to communicate telepathically with Herberto Helder for the three-hour duration of the performance.  


Given that the space was open to the street, the disappearance of works was a foreseen element of the piece that obliged the artist to introduce new pieces. 


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