Seated Men / Hombres sentados


Seated Men / Hombres sentados

40 videos of one minute each. Selection


40 men aged over 70 voice a continuous but unintelligible sound for one minute, filmed from above on video. 


//   40 hombres mayores de 70 años, emiten un sonido continuado e ininteligible durante un minuto, mientras son grabados en vídeo cenitalmente.



Seated Men / Hombres sentados

Series of photographs  2010



Seated Men  /  Hombres Sentados  2010 


I ask male residents of Madrid who are over 70 to make a continuous and unintelligible sound for a minute while I photograph and video record the tops of their heads from above.   


SEATED MEN seeks artistic insertion on the aged bodies of elderly men.  These men are represented as intense physical and emotional material.  The sounds they emit burst into the project and provide real and tangible information about their bodies, bodies with which I continue to analyze the language and procedural principles of sculpture itself.


I am interested in the physicality of aged bodies; I understand their burden, the intensity of their materialness and I feel profound respect towards them.


The voluntary offering of each man, through their willingness to let me tape the top of their heads, is an in-depth look at the profound sense of anonymity that I am pursuing.    

The angle that is shown in the videos and photographs is, for me, an extremely intimate perspective, and for that I need the men to freely surrender themselves to my invasion of this privacy.


In my work I use materials that I see as being suspended in genuine tension between obstinacy and collapse.




//   Solicito a hombres mayores de 70 años residentes en Madrid que emitan un sonido continuado e ininteligible durante un minuto mientras son grabados en vídeo cenitalmente. Interpreto esta perspectiva de las cabezas como un espacio extremadamente privado y para ello preciso del ofrecimiento voluntario de cada hombre, del deseo de cesión, de intrusión en él.


Hombres Sentados busca la inserción artística en los cuerpos de hombres, éstos, por su edad, son interpretados como un intenso material físico.